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Company News
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Company News

  • Zhang Jiagang King machine Engineer Xie Lei's trip to Somalia

    On November 22, 2018, Zhang Jiagang King machine engineer Xie Lei went to Eller to debug 12 heads water line. The commissioning took 45 days, the main reasons are: 1, the factory voltage is unstable, and the power supply is not enough, causing engineers to wait in Somalia for a long time. 2, Worker

  • King machine engineer Xie Weizhong debugging machine in Malaysia

    On November 28, 2018, King machine engineer Xie Weizhong went to Malaysia to commission the water treatment machine. Within only 6 days, Xie Weizhong completed the installation and commissioning work well, and trained all the workers. The customer gave praise for his high efficiency.

  • King machine engineer Xie Weizhong debugging machines in USA

    Our company engineer Xie Weizhong was sent to USA for commissioning and installation of beverage production lines .He stayed there only 7 days ,dealing with 3 different types of machines in 3 different cities .His high efficiency has won the recognition of all clients .Xie went to St. Louis,Seattle

  • King machine engineer Zhu Zhaoqing was sent to Dubai to debug machine

    Our company engineer Zhu Zhaoqing was sent to Dubai to debug the oil filling product line.He stayed 10 days there and successfully finished his job, leaving the client a great impression.This time,the client changed the model of bottle unexpectedly, as a result of which , the original line must be c

  • King machine’s engineer Yang kehong Stay in Nigeria for five months

    Yang Kehong is engineer in zhangjiagang king machine , He went to Nigeria to install and commission the machine on June 1th, 2018. It lasted for 5 months and was transferred to 4 cities to serve multiple customers. Machines sold in Nigeria for maintenance. The daily maintenance of the training was a

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