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  • King machine’s engineer Yang kehong Stay in Nigeria for five months

    Yang Kehong is engineer in zhangjiagang king machine , He went to Nigeria to install and commission the machine on June 1th, 2018. It lasted for 5 months and was transferred to 4 cities to serve multiple customers. Machines sold in Nigeria for maintenance. The daily maintenance of the training was a

  • King machine salesman Jaywee Chen and engineer Shi Hongfei's trip to Philippines

    Outline of travelOctober 11th:Starting from the factory, Shanghai successfully obtained visas and rushed to the airport directly.October 12th:The plane at 1 a.m. flew to Manila, arrived at 4:30am, and took time to visit Mandaluyong's client company.In the afternoon, the airport meets the Hongkong gu

  • High demand German customer

    On June 7th, 2018, The customer Mr. Dirk from German visited the factory for the first time. We entertained him warmly and listened to him explaining the requirements of his equipment. He needs a paraffin liquid filling machine. Due to his special requirements for equipment, we have given some reaso

  • The packaging design of top mineral water bottles is simple and fashionable.

    This water package also has a special image, with simple lines of bird graphics, as a brand image applied to the bottle cap, bottle body.

  • China's National Day

    Today is the National Day of our country, the whole country rejoices, my company also has several engineers in foreign debugging machines, we wish them a happy holiday!

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