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Common types of valve bag filling machines comprise a movable supporting frame including a so-called bag chair for supporting the bags when being filled by the introduction of a filling spout into the valves of the bags, such frame being usually supported on a suitable scale beam arrangement whereby when the bag becomes filled with the desired weight of material, the bag supporting frame...

1Washing machine

Patent Number: 201711215250.7

2A kind of conveyer guardrail

Patent Number: 201711223662.5

3A rotating cover device used in a filling machine

Patent Number: 201711216842.0

4A system to increase the life of the reverse osmosis membrane

Patent Number: 201711217976.4

5Reverse osmosis water treatment system with on-line backwashing

Patent Number: 201711217974.5

6A single card Shuangkou red line four to the whole clamping mechanism

Patent Number: 201721625996.0

7Cap sorter

Patent Number: 201721620392.7

8An upper cover machine germicidal system

Patent Number: 201721625997.5

9A multi channel combined pin of PET packaging line

Patent Number: 201721625998.X

10A PET packing line double row cross pin limit wind channel

Patent Number: 201721626000.8

11A multi card with air delivery structure

Patent Number: 201721626012.0

12Bottle clamping device for filling process

Patent Number: 201721625965.5

13Double cross wind send card structure

Patent Number: 201721625039.8

14A single card single button at line four to the whole clamping mechanism

Patent Number: 201721626012.0

15One-way locking type punching Ping cord clamping mechanism

Patent Number: 201721625088.1

16A two-way locking type punching Ping cord clamping mechanism

Patent Number: 201721625087.7

17A PET packing line fan device

Patent Number: 201721626012.0

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