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Oil filling production line (square barrel)
Inkjet printer
Mineral water filling production line
5 gallons 1200BPH
2000 cans/h beer filling line exported to Australia
Workshop promotional video
Juice filling sealing machine
Adhesive labeling machine 
VIDEOJET 3030 Laser printer
Full automatic PE film bottle wrapping machine
8,000bph 500ml Juice filling machine 
Full automatic preform injection moulding machine
Cooling Tunnel
Dubai water filling machine
5,000bph water filling production line from blowing to pac
Cream filling machine piston type servo type  2400BH 200ML suitable for  high Viscosity jam
High speed PET bottle air conveyor
Water filling machine
Cap sorter
Injection machine testing video
4 cavities bottle blowing machine
Beer filling and sealing machine (cap with ring)
6000bph 6 cavities automatic bottle blowing machine
3 cavities 5L 1800bph full automatic blowing machine
2 cavities full automatic blowing machine
1 cavities full automatic blowing machine
Bag water filling machine 
2,000bph bottle blowing machine
Company promotional video

Water filling machine

Filling machine in Arabic-Kingmachine
Glass Bottle Twist off Cap Juice Filing Machine
Filling machine in English-Kingmachine Zhangjiagang
Water filling line in English-Kingmachine Zhangjiagang 
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