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  • Newly designed blow dryer

    DB-II (Cpaacity:8000-12000BPH)NoNameQuantityUnit PriceTotalPriceRemark1Stainless steel Air KnifeSS-40-350-0. 8-S14Pieces4,8004,8001. Made of all stainless steel 3042. Air outlet width is 0. 8mm, Adjustable range 0. 3~3mm3. The effective length of the air outlet is 350mm4. Single side air inlet, fi

  • Pre-process system

    1 High-shear emulsifying tank + Plate heat exchanger2 Mixing tank3 UHT sterilizer + homogenizer machine + Buffer tank4 Hot water system + Hot water tank5 CIP cleaning system

  • Is Saudi Arabic a Profitable Market of Beverage Filling Machine?

    Except the Riyadh of capital, all most else regions are shortage of water, water filling factory is popular in Saudi Arabic, King Machine will devote to help more Saudi Arabic customers build their water treatment plant and beverage filling factory as we promised in our starting times.

  • After Packaging Machine Helps Beverage Filling Manufacturers

    “Retailers like Amazon and Walmart, both of whom want to ramp up their food offerings for home delivery, are hamstrung by today’s food processing options,” he says. “Sending foods frozen or refrigerated is costly, both from a shipping standpoint and for packaging, which often weighs much more than the food. Ambient distribution is clearly the more sustainable solution, but until now, there has been no processing method available that can produce the kind of high quality and variety [of] foods that consumers want. MATS changes all that—it unlocks the future of food.”

  • How does the juice with pulp hot filling machine work?

    Attention to detail differentiates contract packager Cascata Packaging LLC in the flexible packaging service market for viscous liquids like baby food and sports nutrition products. The company’s transparency, integrity and customer-friendly philosophy is helping food companies meet new consumer requests.

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