Can Beverage Filling Machine

This machine can precisely fill all kind of beverage and beer for aluminum cans, All parts of this machine is made of stainless steel materials, it cannot cause rust to influence the filling beverage, it not only reach the standard of sanitation, but also prolong its using life.


Automatic Aluminum Can Filling Machine for Sale

KING MACHINE can filler
The method of operation of the new filling valve
The can is fed into the filler and positioned underneath the filling valve. The valve is pneumatically lowered onto the can for pressing-on. Thanks to a differential pressure chamber, the cans are also centred and pressed onto the valve with extreme care. The filling process begins immediately after flushing. An inductive flow meter checks the quality of inflowing liquid. The valve closes once the specified filling volume has been reached.  
− Cleaning in a closed system using automatically

Technical parameter :Fully Automatic Flowmeter type Can Filler/Seamer for CSD
Suitable containerAluminum Can / Tin Can / Plastic Can
Can diameterDia50 ~ dia99mm
Can height (mm)70-175mm
Compressor airIsobaric filling / normal pressure filling
ApplicationBeverage Can Filling Machine
Total power (kw)2.4kw4.4kw6.2kw7.2kw16kw
Overall dimensions2.5*1.9m2.8*1.9m3.2*2.5m3.8*2.8m3.8*2.8m

We also make our innovative, state-of-the art technology available to small and medium-sized breweries. This is demonstrated by our King Machine CAN Compact can filler which gives operators established high-tech in a particularly compact space. The filler, valve manifold, seamer, control cabinet and paneling form a closed unit. The King Machine CAN Compact fills between 5,000 and 28,000 cans per hour and is thus especially suitable for craft brewers.


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