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Labeling Machine

It is very necessary to use a labeling machine in the last step of liquid packaging process. Different shapes of bottles such as round, square, flat, curved and cup-shaped bottles must be labeled for food, household/personal care, chemical, pharmaceutical and packaging industries. Especially in the beverage industry, the bottles are too wet to label easily even there is a drying system.

High-performance Bottle Labeling Equipment

In order to achieve high speed and high throughput of labeling, many companies or manufacturers need high performance bottle labeling machine for production line. Our labeling machinery is not only efficient but also highly precision, applying wrap-around labels perfectly to cylindrical or shaped containers made of glass, plastic or metal. We have a wide range of automatic labelling machines and these labellers can utilize a special form of centering to ensure that two-sided labels are precisely positioned as the products pass by.

Find the Right Bottle Labeller Machine to Meet Your Requirements

Check out our selection of shrink sleeve labeling machines and find the right piece of equipment for your applications. For example, to apply labels on the front, the back or the neck of the bottle, we offer special label machines for any position of the bottles. Besides, Our labeling machinery can apply clear, paper, or labels to bottles of different shapes and sizes for any packaging industry.

The Features of King Machine's Labeling Systems for Your Bottle Production Line

  • Ergonomics for full access to all machine parts guarantees easy change format and reduces main-tenance operation time;

  • High output and labeling precision;

  • Innovative labelling station guarantees flexible and quick label change parts and the possibility to handlemany type of labels;

  • Modular design with standardized connections gives you maximum freedom in selecting serialization, printing and control systems;

  • Easily and reliably integrated into complete packaging lines;

  • Easy to adjust the labeling position freely;

  • Short setup times because many format parts can be changed without tools.

Automatic Bottle Labeling Machines for Sale


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