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Bottle Packing Machine

After liquid filling, capping bottles and bottle labeling, the final step in the chain of manufacturing is products secondary packaging. King Machine offers a wide range of automatic bottle packing machines for your needs no matter you group the bottles into shrink bundle, carton, palletize and so on. Using a secondary packing machinery is essential to protect, store, sell your products in retail displays.

Two Packaging System

The range has been designed with modular units with the large majority of structural elements shared between the different models. Common packaging methods on the market are pe film packaging and carton packaging.

PE Film Packaging

Within the Packaging system range,although all products have the same general characteristics we have identified five main configurations which are optimized for specific applications such as plastic bottles, cans, glass bottles, tetra par carton and aluminum bottles.

Carton Packaging

No dynamic gaskets in contact with the product.Small number of static gaskets. No wells or dead areas inside in order to prevent possible stagnation of product and increase efficiency of washing cycles. The fixed valve with bottle ifting jack allows the use of the microbiologic isolator (ISO 7) to profect the Ming valve area.


ApplicationsOutput Packing CombinationCapacity
Plastic Bottles4×6, 3×4, 2×310-50pcs/min(based on 250ml-2L)
Cans4×6, 3×4, 2×310-50pcs/min(based on 330ml)
Glass Bottles4×6, 3×4, 2×310-50pcs/min(based on 500ml-750ml)
Tetra Pak Carton4×6, 3×4, 2×310-50pcs/min (based on 250ml)
Aluminum Bottles4×6, 3×4, 2×310-50pcs/min(based on 250ml-2L)

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