Juice Filling Machine

A juice filling machine is a type of liquid filling equipment that is used for bottling organic fruit juices and concentrates, fruit juices with additives, smooth fruit juices or those with pulp etc. It typically operates through a series of steps, including filling, capping, labeling, and packaging. Juice liquid filling machines are commonly used in the beverage industry for large-scale production and are available in various types, including automatic, semi-automatic, and manual, to meet different production requirements.

4 in 1 Automatic Filling Machine

King Machine offers high quality automatic bottle filling equipments with 2000-20000 bph for juice production line. We even provide 4 in 1 liquid filling machine to bottle pulpy juices, or juices that require a hot-filling process. The four functions of bottle rinsing,pulp filling and juice filling and capping are composed in one body of the machine. The whole process is automatic. The handle of the machine can be freely and conveniently turned to adjust the machine to fill various types of bottles.

King Machine not only provides a variety of automatic liquid filling machines but also provides whole production line from water treatment system, beverage processing system to automatic robot palletizing machines. As one of the leading beverage-packing machine manufacturers, we provide quality liquid filler and amazing service to many of our customers worldwide. Verification Certificates of equipment: ISO9001:2001; CE Certificate, standard organisation of nigeria , cnca certificate, Logo trademark registration, etc.

Main Technical Parameter

MaterialShapeFilling volumeCapabilityFilling levelNeck type
Glass BottleSquare or Round Bottle100-2000ml2000-20000bphDistance from bottle neck According requestAs request
PET BottleSquare or Round Bottle100-2000ml2000-20000bphDistance from bottle neck According requestAs request
Container Label & Control ModePackaging systemPalletizing system
Hot Melt Roll-Fed
PVC Shrink Label
Full Label/ Half Label
Manual / Automatic
Film shrinker
Wrap Around packe
Robert Packaging Equipment
Low position gantry palletizer
Robot Palletizer
High position gantry palletizer
Single Arm Palletizer
Manual Palletizer

Several Systems in One Machine

Rinsing System

The innovative water distribution system of the liquid filling machines for sale optimizes water conservation. The patented bottle clamp design features 304 stainless steel claws with food-grade plastic pads to prevent scratches and protect the bottle's mouth, enhancing the drinking experience and avoiding any injury to consumers. The food-grade 304 stainless steel flushing head and water injection design provide additional cleanliness while conserving even more water.

Filling System

Our hot fill bottling machine is satisfying the market of JNSDIT (juice, nectar, soft drink, isotonics, tea) filled in PET bottles. The liquid filter has 14-40 filling heads which is more efficient than the machine that has single head.

Capping System

A capping solution that is unparalleled and uses a solitary container for optimal bottle excellence and drink protection. It enhances the speed of juice filling and seals PET bottles promptly, preserving top-notch product standards and preventing any secondary contamination.

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Juice Liquid Filling Machines for Sale


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