2017 global food and beverage market trends insight

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Fourthly. Time is the key

The time required for the product and the meal is as important as the nutrition, ingredient claim.

Time has become an increasingly valuable resource, and our hectic life has also driven the need for leaner consumers - fresh, nutritious, customizable, and we've seen so-called "hacking" foods and beverages that provide this Convenient way of eating and complete nutrition. 2017, food or beverage products, time-consuming and preservation will become a clear selling point, the inspiration is that products can communicate directly with consumers how long they can receive food, food preparation time-consuming and time-consuming.

Fifthly. Nightly Diet

The night is a new occasion where functional foods and beverage recipes can be explored.

The rhythm of modern life is getting faster and faster, and the market opportunities for food and beverages are likely to be in those products that help consumers at all ages calm down, sleep better, and recover. Vendor brands can get inspiration from tea, adding chamomile, lavender and other herbal formula, which may well be a good way to help sleep, of course, chocolate may also be positioned as a relaxation after a day of relief supplies. The future, there are more potential products will focus on the evening soothing relaxation, drawing on the beauty industry, food and beverage may also be in the consumer sleep to play certain functions, bring consumer welfare.

Sixthly. Equality: Health for All

Health food and beverages are not "luxuries".

Inequality is not only a political or charitable issue, it will also cause more food and beverage industry resonance. Many low-income consumers want to improve their diet, they want to eat more health, but for them there are still in the cost and channel difficulties. If you want to make it easier for low-income groups to eat better health, the market will need more marketing activities and innovations, including applications to help people understand how to use the ingredients to promote food, or global 2017 Another trend in food and beverages "Do not waste" fusion - to a box of "unreliable" vegetables.

"This year's global trend is based on consumer demand for healthy, convenient and trustworthy food and beverages," said Jenny Zegler, global food and beverage analyst for Inmint. "For manufacturers and retailers around the world, There will be greater opportunities for fruit, vegetables and other plant products that are highly knowledgeable, time-saving and functional.

In addition, Infint also sees opportunity points for functional foods and beverages at night, further solutions for food waste, and health food for low-income consumers. In fact, business opportunities abound, hoping that these trends can help brands to better develop new areas of business development, and in the next year and in the future to cultivate more category innovation. "


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