2017 The global food packaging industry will show six major trends

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Firstly. Trust the tradition

Consumers want comfort from old recipes, old flavors and old forms.

Consumers seeking the so-called safe product are more aware than avant-garde. The confidence to be familiar with the impression is the opportunity for brand manufacturers to review and become a source of inspiration for the trust, such as "ancient" product claims that contains the traditional grains, traditional recipes and exercise. The potential for innovation is based on the traditional to do innovation, but also have awareness, such as Lengui coffee.

Secondly. The power of plants

Consumers' preference for natural, simple and resilient vegetarian food will further drive the prevalence of vegetarian, vegan and other botanical formulations.

2017, the food and beverage industry will emerge more products, and stressed that its main plant ingredients. Vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, and other plant ingredients are the preferred ingredients for consumers looking for healthier and cleaner lifestyles. More packaged products and recipes for home cooking will see more preference for fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains and other plant ingredients.

Thirdly. Do not waste

Elimination of food waste is the focus of attention to sustainable development.

More retailers, restaurants and charities are tackling the waste of food and drink around the world, which will also change the perception of consumers. In 2017, the stigma of secondary raw materials will begin to fade, and more products will use raw materials that might otherwise be discarded, such as "ugly" fruits and vegetables, and food waste will be redefined, such as energy.


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