4 Complete Water Production Line From A to Z

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4 complete water production line from A to Z with capacity 10000bph each , today one installation team from king machine arrived customer factory and started commission.

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King Machine Water Project

Last year our customer in Nigeria signed a contract with us about 4 sets 10000 bottles per hour water fully automatic bottling plant from a to z include injection machine, water treatment plant and filling and packing machine. The total amount of the machine around 2 million total investment around 3 million.

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King Machine Engineers With Customer Staff

These days our engineer is in the customer's factory to start debugging and installation. The engineer in customer side took photo with KINGMACHINE engineer friendly! KINGMACHINE engineer will be there debugging and installation the machine lines till all the lines start production successfully.

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King Machine Engineers And Local Workers

King-machine as a professional manufacturer with 25 years experience in filling and packing machine always stand on customers side thinking for customer helo to achieve customer’s goal allow customers to maximize the investment.

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