All You Need to Know How the Bag Filling Machine Works

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A bag filling machine brings significant business benefits like improved production speed, better product quality, standard hygiene maintenance, etc. So, if your business deals with products shipped in bags, automatic bag filling machines are a must.

How does a bag filling machine work? Different steps of the process.

Usually, a bag filling machine works in 8 main steps, which are described below.

1. Loading bags

The process starts when the machine loads the bag for filling and packing. The pack of bags is loaded in the machine by a worker as a bag magazine, and they are transferred to the next part of the machine with a conveyor. Some machines use individual bags, while some have long strips out of which every bag is but as it is filled.

2. Gripping bags

As the machine detects a bag, it grips it with a proximity sensor. A vacuum-based bag picker picks, and the bag is held with2 arms on both sides. The weight these arms can bear is usually 10 kg, but it varies from machine to machine.

3. Printing and embossing

Although it is an optional step in the process, a bag filling machine is mostly equipped with printing and embossing equipment. It is necessary to add any dates or codes on the bag that communicate production information.

4. Opening bags and detecting

Some arms hold the bag, and two more open the bag on the top. The machine then again sees if all the arms/jaws are correctly opening and holding the bags. It is known as detecting bags, and it is essential to ensure that the contents go inside the bag.

5. Filling bags

Now the product is filled in the bag with a funnel. Usually, machines have multiple heads so that they can fill multiple bags at once. Bags may have powder, liquid, or solid products, and the right filling attachment is used. A dust hood is also installed in the machine in the case of powder filling.

6. Settling products

Settling products is not essential in every case, but in most cases, the bag is shaken gently so that the product inside it settles at the bottom. It helps in closing the bag efficiently.

7. Air pressure maintenance and sealing

Now comes the sealing part, and depending on the product, air pressure must be maintained in the bag before sealing it. Some products need excessive air to be pulled out, while products like potato chips need extra air to work as cushioning. This part of the machine either fills air or squeezes it out and seals the bag simultaneously using heat and pressure.

8. Cooling

Lastly, the packaging is cooled so the seal becomes firm, and the package is good for shipping. So, it is transported to the packaging department for weighing, case packing, and shipping.

Improve your business’s production with the right bag filling machine.

A bag filling machine does a lot more than simply fill bags. It automates the whole filling and sealing process, so your products don't have to be touched by any human during production. Such machines can help your business improve production speed and quality if you select the right machines.


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