Annual ceremony from King Machine

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On January 19, 2019, zhangjiagang King machine held the 2019 annual meeting at tiantian holiday hotel,KingMachine employees, as well as invited guests, gathered together, Have a good time and enjoy the wine, looking back at the brilliant past, grasp the present, looking forward to a better future.


king machine has delivered a satisfactory performance in 2018, both manufactory production level and sales performance has made a qualitative leap, which cannot be separated from the hard work of every employee. The leadership of the company has awarded outstanding employee award, outstanding team award and top three sales awards to the staff representatives, to encourage them.


As 2018 slips by, we look back on the glory and harvest. The year 2019 has come, and we are full of fight and hope. The New Year, with passion and challenge, King machine Will open a new chapter.


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