Coca-Cola Bottling Plant Project Progress: Overcoming Extreme Climate Challenges, Advancing at Full Speed

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This project, with an estimated total investment between 5 and 10 million USD, is divided into three crucial construction phases: the first phase involves public energy equipment installation, the second phase is the construction of the sterile workshop, and the third phase is the introduction and commissioning of the bottling production lines. Each phase is critical and directly impacts the production and operational efficiency of the entire plant.

Steam boilers and stainless steel water storage tanks have been successfully installed, providing the plant with stable energy and water resources. The successful installation of these devices lays a solid foundation for the upcoming work.

beverage blending system

beverage blending system

Beverage Mixing machine

Sugar melting system

Sugar melting system

Beverage Mixing machine

Currently, the installation of the beverage blending system is in full swing. The blending system, which includes key components Hot water system, Sugar melting system, Beverage Mixing machine, UHT Sterilization machine, and CIP system, is undergoing pipeline welding. This process is a core step in ensuring the production line meets high hygiene standards.

The third phase is scheduled to begin immediately after the completion of the sterile workshop construction. At that time, a carbonated PET beverage production line and a canned beverage production line will be introduced into the plant and undergo detailed commissioning to ensure the production lines reach optimal operating conditions.

Overcoming Extreme Environmental Challenges:

The current extreme high temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius in West Africa present severe challenges to the construction. However, engineers from KING MACHINE COMPANY, with their professional skills and tenacious spirit, have successfully adapted to this unusual working environment, ensuring that the project is not delayed by external factors.

KING MACHINE COMPANY always aims for customer profitability, providing professional services and efficient work attitudes to help clients stand out in the competitive market. We believe that with the gradual completion and commissioning of the project, Coca-Cola’s bottling plant will bring higher quality products and better services to the local market.

water tank

water tanks


Looking Ahead:

The smooth progress of the project not only demonstrates Coca-Cola's firm determination in expanding its global market but also injects new vitality into the local economy. We look forward to the successful commissioning of this modern bottling plant, which will bring more quality beverages to consumers while creating more local jobs and promoting regional economic prosperity.

Coca-Cola will continue to uphold the principle of balancing innovation and quality, dedicated to providing healthy and delicious beverages to consumers worldwide. We are confident that the future Coca-Cola bottling plant will become an important production base in West Africa, adding new momentum to the company’s global business development.


KING MACHINE COMPANY is a leading supplier of beverage production equipment, aiming for customer profitability by providing high-quality equipment and professional services, helping clients achieve improvements in production efficiency and product quality.

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