Coca-Cola Launches New Beverage Production Line Project in West Africa

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In June 2023, at the outset of the project, Joyce, the Sales Director of King Machine Company, along with team member Aaron, traveled to West Africa to engage in a series of detailed communications and negotiations with local buyers (Coca-Cola bottling plants). Despite encountering some challenges during the negotiation process, with the clients being very meticulous about the details, the project team, having thoroughly understood the client's requirements, made adequate preparations and ultimately won high satisfaction from the client.

The project is divided into three key stages. Firstly, the first stage is the public energy equipment phase, aimed at ensuring the factory's energy supply system can reliably meet the operational needs of the beverage filling production line. 

8.5cubic meters Atlas air compressor

Atlas air compressor

5T Oil steam boiler

Oil and natural gas boilers

12T Water Chiller

Water Chiller

As of April 2024, the public energy equipment has begun installation, and engineers from King Machine Company have arrived at the construction site. The beverage filling line project team will proceed with orderly construction following careful planning, aiming to complete this phase of work as soon as possible.

engineers King Machine.jpg

Next is the second stage, which involves the construction of the sterile workshop, a crucial step in ensuring product quality and hygiene standards.

Finally, the third stage will be the commissioning and debugging of the filling production line. This phase will lay the foundation for the factory's official production, ensuring that the production line operates efficiently and meets Coca-Cola's strict standards and quality requirements.

Joyce stated, "We are very pleased with the progress of this project. The demand for Coca-Cola products in the West African market continues to grow, and we believe this new production line project will bring tremendous opportunities for Coca-Cola's business development in the region."

King Machine Company will continue to work closely with local partners to ensure the smooth progress of the project and will strive to provide high-quality beverage packaging and filling production lines for beverage bottling plants in West Africa.

Joyce - Sales Director
King Machine Company
Contact Number: +86 13602660224


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