Common Things To Note When Using Semi Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine

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No doubt, there is an increase in the need for polyethylene PET bottles by manufacturing companies globally. Most of this companies, you can tell are companies involved in the manufacture of various types of liquid drinks and beverages.


And since drinks and beverages are amongst the products in high demand in the marketplace, a lot of pressure is mounted on PET manufacturing companies to produce more of this products in order to satisfy the needs of the market.


Well, as highly sought for as this product may be, a lot of PET manufacturing companies who use different types of bottle blowing machines for the production of this products are still having a hard time when it comes to customer satisfaction.


Particularly, most of the problems encountered by many PET manufacturers is due to some common faults and issues arising from the bottle blowing machine they are using.


For this reason, it then becomes very important to first of all consider the type of bottle blowing manufacturer you wish to buy from before investing your money with any manufacturer.

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Well, with that being said, let’s quickly take a look at some simple and yet bery important things to consider when using the semi-automatic bottle blowing machine.


1. Always check the compressor of your machines.

Although the compressors are not an integral part of any bottle blowing machine, they are also very important auxiliary component of any bottle blowing machine. This is so because the compressor is responsible for providing free air for the inflation of molten PET preform during bottle blowing.


For this reason, it is always advisable to ensire that there is sufficient air in the compressor before starting your job.


2. Ensure that the heating element temperature is at the optimum level

With a doubt, the heating element is a very important part  or component of any bottle blowing machine. This is so because the heater or element is responsible for heating and softening the preform before they are being blown into the desired shape.


So, while using the semi automatic bottle blowing machine, it is very important to ensure that the temperature of the heater is set at the right level so that the preform wont be too soft or under heated before blowing.

 bottle blowing machine

3. Ensure that the molds are properly fixed/installed

For every bottle blowing expert, the mould is one of the most important part that needs so much attention. This is because whatsoever goes on around the mould will determine the quality of PET bottles produced by the machine.


So, to ensure that you have the best shape of bottles produced when using bottle blowing machine, always check to ensure that your moulds are properly fixed and well-aligned to each other.


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