Ethiopia and King Machine Cooperate on 18000 Bottles per Hour PET Bottle Filling Line

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Dire Dawa, Ethiopia — Recently, a technical collaboration from King Machine Company has officially propelled KONEL WATER Bottling Plant to new heights. Located in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia, the bottling plant has become a leader in the industry.

In Ethiopia, the bottled water market is fiercely competitive. According to statistics, there are currently 106 bottled water companies nationwide, with the majority concentrated in the Oromia region near Addis Ababa. In this market environment, the owners of KONEL WATER decided not to settle for mediocrity. They began collaborating with King Machine Company in December of last year, introducing a PET bottle filling line capable of producing 18,000 bottles per hour.

This is the commissioning video from King Machine, showing how to use bottle preforms from A to Z to produce a production line.

It is reported that the engineers from King Machine Company began equipment debugging last year and worked closely with the client for three months on installation and debugging. After careful debugging and technological upgrades, the production line officially went into operation last December.

The core feature of this production line is its outstanding production capacity. The 1-liter bottle, commonly used by customers, is a bestseller in the local market, and this production line fully meets the demand with a capacity of 18,000 bottles per hour, achieving the dual goals of efficient production and meeting market demand.

This cooperation is not only a successful case between King Machine Company and KONEL WATER Bottling Plant, but also a model for the development of Ethiopia's bottled water industry. Through technological innovation and international cooperation, Ethiopia's bottled water industry will usher in greater development opportunities, injecting new momentum into local economic growth.

For King Machine Company, this cooperation also marks its deepening and expansion in the African market. In the future, King Machine Company will continue to provide customers with more advanced technology and better services, helping African countries achieve industrial upgrading and economic development.

This is KONEL WATER water filing line running video, you can see that the whole operation is very smooth. 

"Milestone Breakthrough! The 18000 Bottles per Hour Water Line Project, a Collaboration between King Machine Company and KONEL Water in Ethiopia, Makes Headlines!"


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