Flowmeter Type Can Filler/Seamer for CSD

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Flowmeter type Can Filler/Seamer for CSD
* we provide the complete pop cans / tin can filling and package solution ,from juice processing system , water treatment plant , can depalletizer ,can rinsing machine ,can filling & sealing monoblock machine ,leakage check,liquid nitrogen dosing machine ,pasteurizer tunnel ,blow dryer ,carton package ,film package system ,which is widely used for the beverage ,beer ,juice , CSD industry and so on.

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The filling valve

This canning filler uses float-ball cylinder type volumetric filling, the filling is controlled with electronic valve, so that ensure the filling is accurate, difference can be controlled < ±1ml (Actual of single valve ±0.5ml). In additions, the filling volume can be adjusted on line without shutdown the machine.
The machine is equipped with cleaning cups, can do CIP circulation rinsing.

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Cap screwing Machine

The cap screwing machine is composed of frame, slide way, cap screwing device, transmission and others.
The transmission of the cap screwing machine is drive to the gear by the reduce, the power is transferred to the cap screwing head through the hollow main axle.
The can is not rotating, the four small rolls will rotate and press cap. The cam is fixed. The cap is sent into the gear ring of the screwing cap head through the stirring device and slide way. When there is a can on the convey belt, a cap will move down with the rotating of the screwing cap head and screw the cap on the can mouth.

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