How is the beer glass bottles made ?

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Glass bottle manufacturing process  features in simple, freedom and molding changeable , hardness, heat resistant, clean,even  can be repeatedly used.First of making is  to design and manufacture of moulds, glass raw material with quartz sand as the main raw material, plus other complementary makings melted into liquid at high temperature, and then refined oil injection mold machine , cooling, incision, tempering, to form a glass bottle.

Glass bottle production process mainly includes, raw material's preparation. first ,Smash the raw material (quartz , soda ash, limestone, feldspar, etc.),make the damp raw material to be totally  dry, filtrate iron from the raw material to improve the glass of quality .  Glass material  in pool melted  under high temperature of 1550 ~ 1600 degrees  to heating, forming uniform, no bubble, and meet the requirements of the molding liquid glass forming. The liquid pour into the injection mold machine required shape of glass products, such as tablets, all kinds of vessels and other heat treatment. 

King-machine makes the beverage  glass bottles according above processes strictly and commits to create more designs and technologies in the future.



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