King machine engineer debugging filling line in USA

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Our company engineer Xie Weizhong was sent to USA for commissioning and installation of beverage production lines .He stayed there only 7 days ,dealing with 3 different types of machines in 3 different cities .His high efficiency has won the recognition of all clients .

Xie went to St. Louis,Seattle and Miami.In St. Louis he commissioned a 13,000bph water production line,in Seattle two mixing machines and in Miami a carbonated drink production line .Xie arranged his schedule properly and finished his work perfectly .

When Xie was in St. Louis ,the client changed the parameters of equipments at their will but unable to run the line well ,so Xie had to adjust the parameters of each equipment .By his on-the-spot debugging ,the production line managed to run smoothly .

Our engineer Xie Weizhong did his work with high efficiency.His cooperation with all clients was very pleasant .King Machine has always been sincere and honest to our clients ,helping them solve problems .Whatever machine we offer you ,we guarantee that we will serve you with all our enthusiasm .  Customers' satisfaction has always been our ultimate pursue.

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