King machine engineer Zhu Zhaoqing was sent to Dubai to debug machine

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Our company engineer Zhu Zhaoqing was sent to Dubai to debug the oil filling product line.He stayed 10 days there and successfully finished his job, leaving the client a great impression.

This time,the client changed the model of bottle unexpectedly, as a result of which , the original line must be changed.But our engineer used his professional abilities and perfectly solved the problem.He changed the line for circle tanks into a new one ,which can produce only the circle tanks but also the square ones.

Engineer Zhu says that they had a pleasant cooperation with  each other in this commission.Also the client communicated with salesman and they think highly of Zhu’s ability .King Machine has always been sincere and honest to our clients ,helping them solve problems .And we always try to win recognition from our clients ,having truly fulfilled our concept “The customer's satisfaction is our purpose。

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