King machine salesman Jaywee Chen and engineer Shi Hongfei's trip to Philippines

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Outline of travel

October 11th:Starting from the factory, Shanghai successfully obtained visas and rushed to the airport directly.

October 12th:The plane at 1 a.m. flew to Manila, arrived at 4:30am, and took time to visit Mandaluyong's client company.

In the afternoon, the airport meets the Hongkong guests. At 16:45, the plane will fly to Sorsogon Island together.

October 13th:Start at 7:30 a.m. to visit the largest coconut water producer and discuss the project. Start at 15:00 p.m. to fly and arrive in Manila at 22:30 p.m.

October 14th:Flight 4:30 a.m. Arrive at Tacloban Airport around 5:30 a.m. Guests pick us up and drive two and a half hours to Biliran Island

October 15th:Leaving for the airport at 8:30 in the morning, flying back to Manila at 13:30, arriving in Manila and heading for the hotel.

October 16th:8:00 to the airport, 11:30 plane back home, 14:50 arrived in Shanghai,19:00 back to Zhangjiagang.

Specific travel

October 11th:Get boarding pass at 11 o'clock in the evening.

October 12th:In the early morning, the plane arrived in Manila about three hours later, and in the middle of more than 10 hours of the turn of the plane to visit the visitor's city Mandaluyong. We met our customers at the water show in Manila two years ago. They arranged a booth for our company as a partner, so many people have met. Several engineers have been only connected by WeChat. After the meeting, both parties are very excited. . The customer has purchased two 6,000 bottles of water filling line from us. We had a meeting with their engineers in the conference room. They reflected the problems that happened in the two factories and I gave them instructions and suggestions.



After the meeting, we talked about the future cooperation plan. We learned that their company has put our company information on their website and directly put the links to our company's website. We are glad that they can cooperate with us so transparently and they can discuss the project for our clients in the Philippines. Field work, factory layout, and even after-sales maintenance will make our business in the Philippines easier to expand and better serve.Due to the pressure of time, we left for the airport after lunch.

At the airport, we met our customers in Hongkong. Our customers plan to purchase 2 coconut water production lines from us. We visited Sorsogon with our customers and arrived at the hotel more than 8 p.m. to discuss the terms and conditions of the contract.

October 13th:At 7 o'clock in the morning, we drove a car after the breakfast. In the early morning, there were already more than a dozen trucks waiting at the door to send coconuts.


After seeing the leader, in the conference room, we first briefly discussed the layout of the previous plan, and then went to the actual workshop to verify the layout of the future machine. The customer's main project now is the Tetra Pak production line, but in the workshop, give us this. Two cocount water lines left a lot of space.

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October 14th:After taking a nap on the airport chair for 2 hours, I took off at Tacloban Airport at 4:30 in the morning. 5:30 arrived and walked out of the airport to see the customer has been greeted outside, the customer took us to visit the company's water source, where the waterfall's water is cool and sweet, you can drink directly.


Then we came to the customer's factory. The workshop was clean and tidy. When the customers came to our factory for inspection in the first few months, their engineers learned how to install them, so when we came, we almost finished the installation, but there were some minor mistakes. We corrected them as soon as we arrived. After a short break, we immediately started checking the machine and instructed the workers to start cleaning the ingredients into the machine. The customer was very excited and rushed to do whatever they wanted.


In the evening, the customer invited us to live in their factory and gave us a sumptuous dinner. After that, we started to talk about the next plan and made some suggestions to the customers, such as how to expand the market for bottled water. A project to develop flavor water.

October 15th:Due to the tight schedule, the next morning, the passengers sent me to the airport to prepare for the flight to Manila. Before taking the photo, I took a photo and remembered that due to the unstable power, Shi Hongfei engineers stayed for debugging.


October 16th:After arriving in Manila, the hotel rested for one night. On the morning of the 16th, I set off for the airport and took a flight at noon to Shanghai.


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