King Machine's Dedicated Staff Work Overtime During Labor Day to Ensure Efficient Equipment Installation and Adjustment

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King Machine's employees worked tirelessly during the Labor Day holiday to install and adjust equipment, ensuring the smooth operation of production processes.

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In the beverage production process, various types of equipment play a crucial role. These include but are not limited to fermentation tanks, filling machines, labeling machines, and packaging machines. The installation and adjustment of these devices require experienced technicians to ensure that they operate correctly during production and achieve the expected results.

As such, many skilled technicians chose to work during Labor Day to install and adjust equipment. They performed strict inspections on each device to ensure their safety and reliability. Additionally, they optimized and adjusted the equipment to achieve optimal production efficiency.

king machine

All of this effort was in preparation for the customer beverage production peak season, with the aim of improving production efficiency and effectiveness. These committed employees have played a crucial role in advancing the company's development and ensuring customer satisfaction through their unwavering dedication to their work, including overtime shifts.


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