New Product Launch And Testing: Aluminum Bottle Carbonated Soft Drinks Filling Production Line

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Over the years, the water and drink filling machine manufacturing industry has witnessed a substantial level of development and technological advancement.


Such innovative and technological changes witnessed in the industry over the years, is in part, due to the commitment of manufacturers in the industry to provide customers with state of the art equipment that will help their production processes to go on seamlessly.


Besides the manufacture of machines that will make the production of water and drinks go on smoothly, new innovative inputs and developments in the industry is also geared towards boosting the production capacity of customers.


While these factors and many others are key to the rapid technological advancement in the industry, for us at Zhangjiagang King Machine Co., Ltd., the case isn’t different. As part of our commitment to the industry, we work really hard to ensure that we set the pace in the industry for others to follow.


In doing this, we stay commitment to innovations, research, product development and cooperation with sister industries where we can share ideas that will enhance the quality of our products and services.

 aluminum bottle carbonated soft drinks filling production line

Evident to our claims as the leading manufacturer of water and drink filling machine in the industry is our latest product, which has taken the industry by storm. Frankly speaking, the level of automation and sophistication with which our latest piece of equipment is designed with, is sure to make water and drink productions a breeze for our customers.


Our newest fleet of high-quality filling machine is the aluminum bottle carbonated soft drinks filling production line, which comes fully automated. Being designed to be next to none in the industry our latest piece of soft drinks filling machine is designed with the state of art components and automation that will definitely make it stand out among its contemporaries.


Top on the list of features in our latest fully automatics aluminum bottle carbonated soft drinks filling production line include the following;

1. 15,000 aluminum bottle per hour (bph) product filling capacity

2. Automatic SUS304 depalletizer

3. Vertical conveyor system incorporated

4. Automatic monoblock bottling machine

5. Flat conveyor with lubrication system

6. Bottle warmer system


In order to ensure that our latest machine is working exactly as it was envisaged in the design plan, one of our top and loyal customer’s product was used in testing the workability of the machine. Click here to watch the test video of the machine.


Obviously, the machine worked perfectly, and it was another credit to us that the dream design of the fully automatic aluminum bottle carbonated soft drinks filling production line came true as the machine was put to use.


Partner with us for high-quality filling machines

At Zhangjiagang King Machine Co., Ltd., we are known as the pacesetter in the design and manufacture of innovative and technological advanced filling equipment.


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