One of King Machine customer from Ethiopia

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One of King Machine customer from Ethiopia bought the complete water bottling filling line for pet bottle:

Bottle sizes: 600mL , 1L , 2L

Bottle shape: King Machine designing engineer helped customer in bottle shape

Water filling machine capacity: 15000BPH

All reqeusted auxiliary machines: preform bottle blowing machine, water treatment system, water washing filling capping machine 3 in 1, Automatic date printer,Automatic sleeve label shrink machine , Automatic linear type shrink wrapping machine

Water is a multifacted product: natural spring water, purified water, carbonated water,flavored water... What process can be used to prevent bromate formation? How to deploy mechanical filling valves to keep water crystal clear and contaminant free? How to achieve the maximum benefit with speed, accuracy and light weight bottles? King Machine, the expert in liquid product filling, will always provide you with the best solution for your products.

mineral water filling line


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