The packaging design of top mineral water bottles is simple and fashionable.

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This water package also has a special image, with simple lines of bird graphics, as a brand image applied to the bottle cap, bottle body.



Aquatic phaseInspired by the design of "water is the source of all things", the packaging takes Sika deer, tiger, wolf and other animals as the main visual, and the style of illustration is elegant and fashionable.


This packaging is inspired by Jin Mu's water and fire soil and emphasizes the excellent source of water resources. The bottle body is slender and smooth line type, and its color system is light brown and very textured.


The other uses silver packaging, hollowed-out landscape painting as the main visual, compared with light brown packaging, this one is more high-end.


WONE pure water packaging

This is a fashionable and colorful water packaging, using rich color lines to express, transparent bottle body only line combination of graphics, fashion and vitality suddenly.



The bottle is shaped like a drop bottle. The transparent bottle has only a blue cross and brand name, and other small fonts to indicate the product information. The three packaging capacity is different, and there are slight changes in shape.



Which kind of water package do you prefer?


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