Why Should You Choose an Automatic Oil Filling Machine?

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Do you want to make more profit and reduce your cost of production in your oil packaging company? Then, you need a oil filling machine.

"Oil filling machines?"... "Are they really worth the hype?" Well, let's see.

Automation in the oil-filling process creates many benefits for edible oil, olive oil, lubricating oil, or essential oil manufacturing companies. Thus, most companies choose the automated type of oil-filling machine to increase productivity.

If you also desire to boost the productivity of your company in packaging edible oil, you need to know more about an automatic oil filling machine. If that interests you, keep reading this article as we walk you through reasons an oil filling machine is worth your investment.

Simply put, What Is an Oil Filling Machine?

Technology has advanced to the point where oil may be filled into bottles with the help of a machine called an oil filling machine. Oil filling machines come in many forms, from servo-based models to fully-automatic ones like those used to fill mustard oil or ghee. These devices are adaptable in that they can fill a wide range of container types. They require little upkeep and may be altered to fit the specific requirements of each business.

Why Should You Buy an Automatic Oil Filling Machine?

Getting an automatic oil filling machine for filling edible oil into containing and subsequent packaging can render the following advantages:

1.  Consistent and Reliable Fills

The use of an automatic filler eliminates guesswork from the procedure. The automatic machine guarantees uniformity of results regardless of whether the fill is being evaluated for levelness, volumetric accuracy, or some other parameter.

If you have the correct machine for the job, you may quickly achieve consistency and reliability that you just cannot have when filling bottles or containers by hand.

2.  Speed

When manufacturing volume increases to a certain point, filling bottles by hand is no longer a viable option. The potential of automatic packaging machinery to boost speeds is probably the most evident advantage of utilizing such machinery.

When the right filling principle is applied in conjunction with power conveyors and multiple fill heads, production can not only speed up but also keep going nonstop.

3.  Versatility 

 A lot of businesses today utilize several bottles to store the same thing. Several businesses also manage several different lines of merchandise. Typically, a single liquid filler can be designed to accommodate all of a business' bottles and goods.

In cases when bottle sizes or product viscosity drastically vary from one to the next, a changeover may take a little longer time on some machines, but only after a few quick modifications.

4.  Ease of Use

Typically, a PLC (programmable logic controller) and user-friendly interface are standard on automatic filling equipment. The interface is touchscreen-based, allowing the user to input the appropriate times and amounts for each cycle.

Numbers entered into a recipe screen can be saved for future use. Eventually, all the operator will need to do is punch in the recipe number on the interface, tweak the machine as needed (by adjusting the height of the fill head, the conveyor rails, etc.), and keep an eye on the progress.

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