Why You Should Choose King Machine Water Filling Line?

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Key features of King Machine water line

  • It can apply to fill natural spring water, purified water, carbonated water, flavored water into PET bottle by changing few spare parts.

  • It can apply to fill hot fruit juice, tea and other beverage into thermal proof PET bottle by changing few spare parts.

  • Automatic water filling machine adopts Rinsing / Filling / Capping 3-in-1 technology, PLC control, touch screen, it is majnly made of SUS304/ SUS316.

  • Pivotal electrical parts use Mitsubishi, OMRON, and SIEMENS.

  • We can provide a complete beverage ideal solution - blowing. filling. packing for PET bottle.

  • Filling accuracy is more or less than 1%.

water filling machine

Types of filling machines

Rotary Filling

  • 3-10L Rotary style water bottling machine is designed especially for 3- 10liter bottles, including the function of bottle washing, water filling, bottle capping.

  • All the machine process is controlled by PLC program with high automatically, and have the safe device for interlock.

  • The whole machine is made of stainless steel SUS304 or SUS316, meet the demands of food hygiene, with the feature of reasonable structure, easy in operation, high filling precision.

Linear Filling

  • King Machine can also provide the customer with the linear type filling machine, the advantages of which is less occupation, low energy consumption and small investment. This machine combines rinsing, filling and capping together, requiring less space and low energy consumption. It can fulfill the process from empty bottles to finished products on one single machine, which is high efficient, energy-saving and sanitary.

  • The oretical output: 300-1000bph

Come and check what our customers said

Having said all of the above, you might be thinking that it's not necessarily true. This time, we provide some customer evaluations for your reference, let's take a look at what our customers say.


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