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Cote d'Ivoire Customer Built a water treatment plant
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Cote d'Ivoire Customer Built a water treatment plant

Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-11-26      Origin:Site

To build a water treatment plant needs a whole production line about water purifier system, water UV treatment machine, King Machine commits to offer whole solution to our customers if they have requests. our salesman  kenny talked with the customers friendly and happily when the transaction done.

The filling type is vacuum filling , because the micro pressure filling operation of the new type is adopted. Therefore the output and benefit of the machine is higher than the machines of the same specifications. The advanced Mitsubishi programmed controller (PLC) is adopted to control the machine to run automatically while a transducer is used in the bottle -entering chains to adjust speeds and coordinated with the transducer of the main machine to make the operations of moving bottle forward steadily and reliably . It is convenient to operate with higher automation because every part of the machine is inspected to run with photo electricity, The machine is an idea-preferred equipment for alcohol makers.

This machine can precisely fill all kind of beverage and beer for aluminum cans, All parts of this machine is made of stainless steel materials, it cannot cause rust to influence the filling beverage, it not only reach the standard of sanitation, but also prolong its using life.  no matter what kind liquids and beverage, the water treatment machine is the necessary for all beverage.


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