King Machine's Water Filling Line: A Success Story in the Middle East

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The managing director of King Machine recently visited several customers in the Middle East, and one particular visit stood out as a success story. The customer had two filling lines for pure water with a capacity of 18,000 bottles per hour based on 330ml (CGF40-40-10), which were installed by King Machine in 2018. These filling lines have been running smoothly for six years now, showcasing the durability and reliability of King Machine's equipment.

One of the main reasons why this customer chose King Machine was their reputation for high-quality services and products. King Machine has extensive experience in the PET plastic packaging industry, with a team of seasoned and qualified experts who possess diverse professional skills. They are committed to bringing the best quality services and professionalism to their customers, which is reflected in their work.


The cooperation with this Middle Eastern customer was a success because of King Machine's excellent service and attention to detail. The team worked closely with the customer to understand their needs and requirements, and provided customized solutions to meet those needs. This close collaboration helped to ensure that the machines were installed and operated correctly, which is crucial for achieving optimal performance.

In addition, King Machine provided comprehensive training and support to the customer's staff, ensuring that they were equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to operate and maintain the filling lines effectively. This further enhanced the customer's satisfaction and confidence in King Machine's services and products.


Overall, this successful cooperation between King Machine and their Middle Eastern customer highlights the importance of providing high-quality services and products, as well as working closely with customers to understand their unique needs and requirements. King Machine's dedication to delivering exceptional solutions has made them a trusted partner for customers worldwide, and they continue to expand their reach and improve their offerings through constant research and innovation.


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