Water Filling Line Project in Trinidad and Tobago-pani Water

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China established diplomatic relations with Trinidad and Tobago 42 years ago in June 1974 and signed a double taxation agreement. In June 2013, President Xi Jinping paid a state visit to Trinidad and Tobago  meaning to expand trade and political exchanges between two countries. In this environment, our King Machine's sales manager Cindy cooperated with purchasing manager Mr Nicholas from Anand Supermarket Co Ltd in Trinidad and Tobago. Anand Supermarket Co Ltd is the largest department store group in the region. It also operates medical and hotel projects. This time our cooperation project is a 10,000bph 500ml mineral water production line(also applicable to other bottle types). The entire automatic production line is from water treatment to the final packaging machine. This water line has 10 operating workers. We sincerely hope the economic development and prosperity between the two countries, and also wish Anand Supermarket Co., Ltd a prosperous business.


The bottle body is diamond shaped, very delicate and beautiful, in line with the mainstream aesthetic.
Hope to bring new vitality to the local bottled water market King Machine has also sent a professional team to debug the equipment. Now the water line is running smoothly and has been praised by customers. In the future, it will also cooperate with customers on the beer production line


This is the commissioning video from King Machine, showing how to use bottle preforms from A to Z to produce a production line.

Thanks to the equipment provided by King Machine company and the dispatched engineers, very professional debugging and training of their own engineers to operate the equipment, very satisfied


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