4000BPH Coconut juice drink production line installed successfully in Philippines

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Coconut  juice drink production line installed successfully in Philippines.

The engineer has undergone 30 days of intense commissioning, and the current glass bottle hot filling line is ready for production. This 4000bph production line includes: juice processing system, CIP system, UHT system, bottle washing, filling, capping, labeling, and packing.
Last year, Philippine customers found us. He wanted to set up a coconut juice beverage factory, a hot-filled glass bottle production line, and another carbonated soft drinks glass bottle production line. After visiting the factory, the customer said that he came to China to find a strong one. Factory cooperation, not trading company, because the powerful large factory pays great attention to after-sales service. After a few days of confirmation, bottle, bottle shape, production, delivery, after-sales, etc., customers do not hesitate to choose with KING MACHINE Sign the contract and believe this is a good start.

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