A Basic Overview of Bottle Capping Machine

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Bottle capping is just as important, if not more so as bottle blowing is. Without a proper and fitting cap, it is most likely that the contents of the bottle will spill out and be destroyed.

With this, it will be impossible for the consumer to enjoy the product, which will subsequently lead to a loss for the manufacturers.

When inserting a cap to a bottle, it is important to note that not just any cap should be used, but a cap that will fit the bottle perfectly.

It should be airtight to prevent any form of bacteria or hazard from getting to the product, keeping the contents of the bottle fresh and suitable for human use and consumption.

Below are suitable and recommended suggestions to choose from when purchasing a bottle capping machine.

Bottle Capping Machine

What is a Bottle Capping Machine?

A bottle capping machine refers to an equipment/machine that ensures that the cap of plastic bottles fit perfectly.

The bottle capping machine is designed in such a way that the cap can be removed without completely breaking the seal, therefore protecting the bottle whilst delivering satisfactory result.

There are many different types of bottle capping machine to suit the different types of products available.

There are three major categories of capping machines namely:

• manual bottle capping machine

• semi-automatic bottle capping machine.

• automatic bottle capping machine.

The automatic capping machine are usually the most used and mostly preferred amongst the three due to the fact that it's easy to use and less hectic to operate.

Features of Automatic Bottle Capping  Machine

Here is a list of reasons why the automatic bottle capping machine is much more preferred to it's counterpart:

• It makes it easy to rotate the cap without any form of friction and tighten it as desired.

• It is easy to adjust capping speed as preferred.

• It is designed to be user friendly, and in addition has high capping efficiency.

• It's output is easy and reliable. It can be trusted not to produce deficient results.

• It is easy to maintain, and lasts for a long time.

Where can the Bottle Capping Machine be used?

The bottle capping machine as stated earlier, can be used on a variety of different product and it would serve it's purpose as expected.

If you are into the production of anything that has to be sealed which includes and is not limited to drinking water, liquid soaps, pump machines, canned foods etc. You'll definitely be in need of a bottle capping machine.

How Does A Bottle Capping Machine Work?

A bottle capping machine uses two different systems to carry out it's task and they are;

• The Pick Off System:

With this system, an accurate cap chute delivers the cap, the cap is then picked up by the bottle as it journeys beneath the chute.

This system can be used with different type of caps which includes skirted and aluminum caps. It’s mostly common in rotary cappers and in-line capping machines.

• Pick and Place:

This involves the use of a robotic arm that picks and places caps on the containers. This system is more all encompassing since it's suitable with almost every type of cap used in many industries for a variety of products.

Bottle Capping Machine

In Need of Quality Bottle Capping Machine?

What is the use of bottling a product without sealing it properly or at all. It will only lead to wasted resources, and a huge loss.

Embark on your production journey today and/or replace your old bottle capping machine  by contacting us today!

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