Tips on How To Choose the Best Bottle Blowing Machine

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Bottling is one of the most important areas of beverage packing, as it is part  of a contributing factor to the production, packaging and distribution of your good. The need for quality bottling for your beverage cannot be over emphasised, because asides from the fact that it plays a huge role on just how well you are patronised, there is also the need to adhere to policies and government regulations regarding the bottling and packaging of bottled products.

Let's take a look at some tips to guide you on the best choice of bottle blow molding machine, for those who are already established in the business, or are just about to enter into it.

bottle blow molding machine

What is a Bottle Blow Molding Machine?

A bottle blow molding machine is an equipment that blows bottles, through  the careful  process of turning plastic pellets into hollow containers through a blow molding system. The most known common types of machines used for this are the PET and PC blow molding machines.

The emergence of the bottle blowing machine as a replacement for hand blowing as used in the past was quickly adopted by most beverage firms, as it is easier and faster in producing great number of bottles.

To simplify, bottle blowing refers to the process of that involves the production of bottles that can contain substances in them.

The bottle blow molding enterprise normally engages a series of process. However, the bottle blow molding machine is able to combine all of these in one, thereby making it less time consuming and very efficient in carrying out it's purpose.

The bottle blow molding machine is divided into two main categories, which depend on the degree of automation and computerization. The categories of this machine is mostly found in beverage bottling companies. They are;

The old semi – automatic bottle blowing machine and

The modernized automatic bottle blow molding machine.

Although, both of them are very effective, the automatic blow bottle machine is most preferred as itis effective and less time and energy consuming in comparison to its semi-automatic counterpart.

Features of Automatic Bottle Blow Molding Machine

As stated above, the automatic bottle blowing machine is much preferred above the semi-automatic for a variety of reasons which include;

It features silmutaneous pre-heating and blow molding, which saves time and increases the rate of production.

It eliminates the intermediatery process of pre- heating  from the blow molding.

It is controlled by a microcontroller and removes redundancy.

It can be operated by just one worker because of its ease of operation which in turn helps to save cost on production.

It includes a self-locking safety device to ensure operational safety.

It's electrical installation is good except it encounters high temperatures and frequency.

There is a significant reduction in friction and creep resistance.

Where can the Bottle Blow Molding Machine be used?

The automatic bottle blow machine has in recent times been widely accepted due to the factr that it is suitable for the production of PET containers used for the packaging of a variety of goods such as drinking water, oil, beverages, cosmetics, oils, carbonated drinks and so on.

Therefore, if you are into the manufacturing of above mentioned goods, then you'll be needing the bottle blow molding machine as it will help you reduce cost of production and increase output.

How Does the Bottle Blow Molding Machine Work?

Blowing bottles engages a long vareity of actions, which is bound to waste time and reduce efficiency if carried out seperately.

These process includes; feeding, heating, transferring and, stretching. However, having the bottle blow molding machine at your disposal puts your mind at ease.

Below is a step-by-step procedure of how the bottle blow molding machine works operates;

The heated plastic embryo is put into the mold

The mold is then tightened using the mold locking cylinder

Subsequently, the mold expands through the movement of the cylinder locked with high pressure for pre blowing.

The bottle embryo is then shaped through the process of blowing at a high temperature and kept for a while.

 The final step is releasing the high pressure in the formed bottle and reseting the cylinder.

bottle blowing machine

In need of premium bottle blowing machine?

A good bottle blowing machine is the backbone of many production facilities, and choosing the best is of paramount importance to the growth of the organization.

Are you considering replacing your old bottle blowing blowing machines or you simple want to start a new production factory? If yes, then we can be of immense help to you.

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