A New Contract with Comoros Clients After Impromptu Visit

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On Dec 31st 2023, the customer Mr Devjani and Mr Abas from Comoros informed us that they would come to visit us without previous notice.Our sales manager Yvonne and Joyce who had planned to enjoy their holiday picked up the customers and met them at King Machine. After communication, we learned that the customers selected 10 suppliers, but were disappointed with most of them. Some suppliers are either foreign trade companies or small factories with only a dozen people, which is very different from what they describe. The customer hoped to cooperate with powerful large factories, so they did not choose those ten suppliers. After careful screening, the customer finally contacted us.

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A smooth collaboration!

Led by the sales manager, the customer visited the factory of Jinma Star. They were amazed by the spectacular scenery and neatly arranged professional equipment of our factory. I am also very satisfied with the quality of our equipment. Our manager utilizes professional skills to provide detailed explanations to clients and actively respond to their needs. The timing, location, and people were in harmony, and the negotiation process went smoothly. The client signed the contract details with us within one day and paid the full deposit within a week after returning to China.

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King Machine is grateful for the trust from Mr. Devjani and Mr. Abas. We are dedicated to successfully completing the filling line project and meeting our clients' needs, and we anticipate more collaborations like this in the future.


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