King Machine Partners with Thai Entrepreneurs to Expand Beverage Production in Chiang Mai

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King Machine is excited to announce a significant new partnership in Thailand. Thailand is located in Southeast Asia and has a very obvious subtropical climate feature. Adequate sunshine and rainfall nurture sweet and delicious fruits, attracting numerous tourists. Thailand is also a very large food and beverages consumer. Its food and beverages are sold worldwide and attracts many investors.

Thailand's Booming Food and Beverage Industry

The unique climate of Thailand not only makes it a prime location for producing mouth-watering fruits but also a major player in the global food and beverages industry. The country's products are in demand worldwide, drawing attention from international investors looking to tap into this vibrant market.

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A Visionary Partnership

Suphot and Firm, brothers of Thai-Chinese descent, were very optimistic about the prospects of Thai beverages as early as 2022. Their thorough search for the perfect location for a beverage production facility culminated in selecting Chiang Mai, a city known for its dynamic business environment and cultural significance.

In May 2023, using their linguistic advantage in Chinese, they embarked on a meticulous journey to identify a beverage equipment supplier that met their high standards in quality control, after-sales service, and cost-effectiveness. After a long investigation, King Machine was ultimately chosen as their supplier of beverage production equipments.

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King Machine's Role in the Partnership

King Machine is proud to partner with visionary entrepreneurs like Suphot and Firm. We committed to supporting the growth of our partners, offering customized solutions that enhance productivity. And we are also excited to contribute to the flourishing Thai beverage industry and looks forward to exploring more opportunities in the future.


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