Another Alibaba award encourages King Machine people

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KA (KeyAccount) is another customer policy from Alibaba, King Machine running Alibaba account and Made in China shop both, last new about we got the final award of Made In China,  it stimulate the employees passion of working and hard work.

King Machine got the Top Sales Award of 2017 East China area of  liquid filling machine manufacturing,  being the top 3 beverage filling machine manufacturing and sales again.  King Machine  stuff will work hard to fulfill the promise of starting a business and strive to provide safe drinking beverage filling machines to millions of people all over the world and continuously innovate and develop.

Days ago, King Machine received a total of 23 new and innovative patented technology certificates obtained in 2017.  Each of these certificates testifies to the craftsmanship of King Machine and the relentless pursuit of high-quality beverage production filling machines by King Machine. We are responsible for all machines.

Responsibility for the customer is responsible for drinking water safety as well as responsible for the end consumer.

Patent Name 
Washing machine 
A kind of conveyer guardrail
A rotating cover device used in a filling  machine
A system to increase the life of the   reverse osmosis membrane
Reverse osmosis water treatment system   with on-line backwashing
A single card Shuangkou red line four to   the whole clamping mechanism
cap sorter 
An upper cover machine germicidal system
A multi channel combined pin of PET   packaging line
A PET packing line double row cross pin   limit wind channel
A multi card with air delivery structure
bottle clamping device for filling   process
double cross wind send card structure
A single card single button at line four   to the whole clamping mechanism
one-way locking type punching Ping cord   clamping mechanism
A two-way locking type punching Ping cord   clamping mechanism
A PET packing line fan device

King Machine won manufacturing and sales prizes of  Made in China and Alibaba consecutive for a reason. In 2017, We produced a total of 1 million beverage filling machines and auxiliary machines in the industry.  We believe that customers will make the right choice, we believe our team, we believe that we will do better in the future. we are top 3 liquid filling machine manufacturer and saler.



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