Brief Introduction Of King-Machine Beverage Mixing Machine Series

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The carbonated beverages currently on the market are divided into:


Sparkling water drinks: water + sodium bicarbonate + CO2 (carbonated soda water); or water + CO2 + mineral ingredients (carbonated mineral water);


Fruit juice carbonated drinks: the original juice content is ≥ 2.5%, and the gas content is generally 2-2.5;


 Fruit-flavored carbonated drinks: the original juice content is ≤2.5%, with fruit-flavored essence as the main flavoring agent, and the gas content is 3-4;


Cola-type carbonated beverages: refers to carbonated beverages containing cola flavor or flavors similar to cola fruit flavor as the main aroma components;


Other types: sparkling wine (non-fermented), sparkling coffee, sports soda, ginger ale, etc.

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Why carbonated drink is so popular in market ?

Carbon dioxide action:


 Cooling effect: Carbonic acid is decomposed in the abdomen due to the increase in temperature. This decomposition is an endothermic reaction. When carbon dioxide is discharged from the body, it will bring out the tropical zone in the body and play a cooling effect. H2CO3 ↔ CO2H2O;



It hinders the growth of microorganisms and prolongs the shelf life of soda; internationally, it is considered that 3.5 to 4 times the gas content is a safe area for soda;


highlight the fragrance;


There is a special brake taste

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The mixer is mainly composed of the following four main systems:


Degassing system



Mixing system


cooling system


Carbonation system

About Degassing system

Degassing is the removal of oxygen or other insoluble gases from water.


Improve the solubility of CO2 for easy carbonation; reduce foaming during perfusion;


use a vacuum pump;

When the water enters the de-cylinder, use the atomization spray method;

Replacement with CO2 premix.


About Mixing system

The mixing system is a mixing machine

The core part of (commonly known as: mixer), the main function is to mix water and syrup in a certain proportion.

At present, there are generally 3 kinds of mixing systems

Gravity mixing system;

Electronic flow control mixing system;

Venturi mixing system;

1, Gravity mixing system

Gravity mixing system.jpg

2,Electronic flow control mixing system

Electronic flow control mixing system.jpg

In order to ensure that the product can better dissolve carbon dioxide, the product is usually cooled to about 4 ℃ with ethylene glycol solution. (except room temperature filling)


Dissolves carbon dioxide into the product. Commonly used methods are:





About Spray type

The top of the carbonation tank passes back pressure;

The product is atomized from the atomization at the top of the carbon canister;


About Jetting

Venturi mixing system

   When the product flows through the Venturi pipeline at high speed, a quantitative amount of carbon dioxide is mixed well into the product at the same time.


According to the customer's budget and product performance requirements, King machine mainly has two products for carbonated beverage mixers, 5-barrel beverage mixer and high-power horizontal beverage mixer. Welcome to contact us.

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For king machines Electronic flow control beverage mixing machine, the advange as follows:

Gas multiple: 2-4.5v/v

Mixing ratio: 1:2-1:11

mixed precision

Sugar content ≤±0.05brix

Gas content ratio ≤±0.1v/v

Note: under continuous filling conditions

Maximum production capacity 28000L/h

Outlet temperature: 4~16℃

Above two product, please check the youtube video:



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