Automatic Beverage Mixer (Flow Meter Type) Automatic Beverage Mixer (Flow Meter Type)

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  • Model: DBF
  • Brand: KM
  • Code: 8422
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Automatic beverage mixer(flow meter type)

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1) The machine consists of vacuum deaeration unit, CO2 injecting device, CO2 counter-pressure device, cooling PHE, Product tank, automatic controlling device. The automatic controlling system includes pressure automatic control, water proportion automatic control, liquid level automatic control, carbonization automatic control, temperature automatic control and electric automatic control for the whole machine.

DBF mixer.jpg

2) Operation principles: After deoxidized by vacuums system, the product water is output through pump and flow meter. After cooled water enters into the carbonation tank through mixing pump and control valve. Before entering into the tank, the mixing liquid is treated with pre-carbonization course. The CO2 content is controlled by flowrate control valve. At the moment the carbonation tank is charged with CO2 counter-pressure gas, and the sparkling water is stored in the bottom of the carbonation tank, and then pumped to the filler.

3) The flow meter blender is a real sense of automatic mixing. It has automatic control systems for mixing ratio, temperature, carbonization and pressure. With human-computer interface, operators can adjust the parameter values to change the CO2 content of the product. If there is any fault, it can stop and give an alarm automatically.

4) High efficiency deaeration system. After entering into the deaeration tank, the treated water has to be deoxidized to reduce the oxygen content in the water. It is helpful for CO2 dissolving in next carbonization process. Meanwhile, it can reduce the oxygen dissolving in the water to ensure the quality guarantee of the product.

5) Before water entering into the deaeration tank, CO2 is exchanged with the air in the deaeration tank. Water is sprayed in high speed into the tank through many little nozzles. The water appears misty and has bigger superficial area. It is helpful to extract the gas in the deaeration tank through water-seal vacuum pump.

6) Capacity adjustment system. With adjusting the opening-value of capacity adjusting valve, it is easy to adjust the production capacity.

7) High efficiency and accuracy carbonation. The CO2 gas volume can be adjusted stepless online within a certain range.


Main Parameter





Up to 15,000 liters per hour

Mixing type

Electronic Flow meter

Content of CO2


Water supply pressure

0.3~0.5 Mpa

CO2 Supply pressure  

1.0~1.2 Mpa

Syrup supply pressure


Compressed air supply pressure

0.5~1 Mpa

Consumption of compressed air  


Glycol supply pressure     

0.2~0.3 Mpa

Total installed power   


 Outer dimension


 Net weight



Component Standard






Frequency Inverter


Low voltage control parts

Siemens /  Schneider

Water pump

APV or Alfa Laval

Mixing pump

APV or Alfa Laval

Syrup pump

APV or Alfa Laval

Product pump


Vacuum pump




Water flow meter


CO2 flow meter


Syrup flow meter


Capacity regulating valve


Syrup regulating valve


CO2 flow regulation valve


Pneumatic parts


Nearly 15 years, King Machine has provided bottling & packing equipments  of liquid solutions to companies all over the world, water bottling line, juice filling line, carbonated soft drinks turnkey project, oil and soda water bottling line and labeling and packing machinery. All your different requiremts King Machine can always offer you the most professional solutions and turnkey project.

Nearly 15 years, King Machine has provided bottling & packing equipments  of liquid solutions to companies all over the world, water bottling line, juice filling line, carbonated soft drinks turnkey project, oil and soda water bottling line and labeling and packing machinery. King Machine offers complete filling and packaging solutions for beverage industry and excellent lifelong time service.

1.Standardized workshop of total 20,000 square meters.
2.Verification Certificates of equipments: ISO9001:2001; CE Certificate, SGS Certificate, BV Certificate, standard organisation of nigeria , cnca certificate, Logo trademark registration, etc.
3.The equipments will be tested and run for 24 hours before leaving the factory, to ensure the smooth working of water pipeline, and pneumatic, electrical and mechnical stability.
4.Sufficient stock of spare parts ensures the timely delivery and supply of spare parts.
5.The engineers are experienced. We can produce different products with different capacity and work out reasonable flow chart as per customers’ requirements to save space.
6.Professional installation team who can speak fluent English can help customers make benefits in a shortest time.

We control the quality of our equipments by manufacturing and machining ourselves. Pay attention to each assembly detail, and our experienced technicians monitor each key point efficiently during assembly, to ensure that the performance and appearance of each product be pefect.

To help our customers build an ideal factory. With efficient cost control, we have found the right balance with our customers: diversified production range, high-class packaging forms. Meanwhile market competitivness has been improved because of the efficient operation mode of equipments.

Q1: Do you have reference project?
A1: We have reference project in most countries,If we get the permission of the customer who has brought the machines from us ,we can tell you their contact imformation,you can go to vist their factory.
And you are always welcome to come to visit our company,and see the machine running in our factory,we can pick you up from the station near our city.
Contact our sales people you can get video of our reference running machine

Q2: Do you have agent and after-service stations?
A2: So far we have agent in Yemen,Nigeria,Dubai,India,Kenya,Dubai welcome to join us!

Q3: Do you provide customized service
A3: We can design the machines according your requirements(materil ,power,filling type,the kinds of the bottles,and so on),at the same time we will give you our professional suggestion,as you know,we have been in this industry for many years.

Q4: What's your guarantee or the warranty of the quality if we buy your machines?
A4: We offer you high quality machines with 1 year guarantee and supply life-long technical support.

Q5: How long time for installation?
A5: According your machines order,we will send one or two engineers to your plant,it will take about 10 days to 25 days.


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