CO2 generator for carbonated drink production line

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What is CO2 generator

A carbon dioxide generator or CO2 generator is a machine used to enhance carbon dioxide levels in order to promote plant growth in greenhouses or other enclosed areas.Carbon dioxide generators have been used to help grow marijuana. They can be fueled with propane or natural gas. CO2 generators were used mostly by commercial growers until smaller and less expansive systems made the technology more widely available to hobbyists. The generators also give off heat. Using compressed CO2 is an alternative to generators.

Here's a video from our customer,see how  CO2 generator for carbonated drink production line of 4,000-5,000 bottles per hour

Carbonated Soft Drink Filling Machine

The machine is mainly used for filling carbonated drink. It combines rinsing and filling and capping as one automatic body suitable for PET or other plastic bottles. The iso-pressure (iso-barometric) filling technology is adopted enabling it to fill more efficiently and more stably with more output than the machine of the same level from others.

How Does Carbonated Soft Drink Filling Machine Work 

The carbonated soft drink pours down from the filler tank into the bottle. In the meantime, air from the soft drink bottle is eliminated with the help of an air tube. Once the level of soft drink in the bottle arrives at the nozzle opening of an air tube, the filling is terminated.


Two filling methods are quite common in the drink filling industry, one is over-pressure level filling and the second is non-pressurized level filling. Let's have a look at these methods in detail.


Carbonated Soft Drink Filling Line


Overpressure level filling:

It's possible to fill PET and glass bottles with carbonated soft drinks and beverages. The overpressure level filling method makes possible the bottling of carbonated drinks without releasing CO2 from the drink. The filling is done under an N2 or CO2 controlled environment which guarantees the preservation of high-quality carbonated soft drinks.


· Filling to glass bottles

The working principle of glass bottle filling is quite simple. First, the carbonated soft drink runs into the glass bottle from the filler tank. All the air inside the glass bottle is removed via an air tube. The filling of the bottle is stopped when the drink reaches the bottleneck. The filling machine for liquid also prevents the release of carbon dioxide to ensure quality carbonated soft drink.


· Filling to PET bottles

Bottle filling machine for sale is designed in a manner that it can fill both PET and glass bottles on a single machine. The working principle of PET bottle filling is the same as the glass bottle.

Non-pressurized level filling:

This method involves both single-chamber and double-chamber filling. Under a single-chamber filling, light under-pressure or atmospheric pressure is maintained on the top of carbonated soft drink in the filler tank. Here the filler tank comprises two separate chambers, one chamber is filled with soft drink whereas the other is filled with air that is removed from the PET or glass bottles. Bottle filling machine price depends on its capacity and quality.


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