Engineer from Ecuador Carried Out Inspection in Our Company

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The customer from Ecuador came to our company for inspecting the ordered carbonated drink production line on March 19, 2018. Our sales Ada accompanied the engineer for the entire inspection. The engineer was satisfied with our detailed explanation, and he recognized our professinal knowledge and high working efficiency. During these 9 days, Sergio has known the operation procedures quite well, and highly affirmed on our production scale and product process and quality.

carbonated drink production line.jpg

Sergio can only speak a little English. So our sales communicated with him with the help of translation software. Though there is some language barrier, our sales won Sergios trust with her professionality. The satisfaction of this goods-inspection again proves that the customers choice is correct! 

drink production line.jpg

Again thanks to Ecuador customers and engineers Sergio for the recognition of king machine, We will ensure quality and quantity, and customer satisfaction is the fundamental goal.

Ecuador Customer feedback on King Machine water filling line


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