Is Saudi Arabic a Profitable Market of Beverage Filling Machine?

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Under the global intense competition of beverage filling machine situation, liquid filling machine market has been saturated in some degree. more and more businessmen chosed to build a water treatment plant as a business starting, deviden the market from the large beverage filling groups by special bottle designs or cheap price. Struggle away with filling  beverage industry, King Machine has sold various beverage filling machines to all around the world,  as South African, Saudi Arabic, North-east Asia, mostly to African countries, such as Algeria, Nigeria.

One of King Machine customer from Saudi Arabic bought the whole water bottling machine for pet bottle:

Bottle sizes: 500ml

Bottle shape: King Machine designing engineer helped customer in bottle shape

Water filling machine capacity: 10000BPH 

All reqeusted auxiliary machines: preform bottle blowing machine, water treatment system, water washing filling capping machine 3 in 1, bottle labelling machine, sleeve wrapping machine.

Customer factory machine running video:

Saudi Arabic is a country with rich gas and oil. The area of modern-day Saudi Arabia formerly consisted of four distinct regions: Hejaz, Najd and parts of Eastern Arabia (Al-Ahsa) and Southern Arabia. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was founded in 1932 by Ibn Saud. He united the four regions into a single state through a series of conquests beginning in 1902 with the capture of Riyadh, the ancestral home of his family, the House of Saud. Saudi Arabia has since been an absolute monarchy, effectively a hereditary dictatorship governed along Islamic lines. The ultraconservative Wahhabi religious movement within Sunni Islam has been called "the predominant feature of Saudi culture", with its global spread largely financed by the oil and gas trade.

Except the Riyadh of capital, all most else regions are shortage of water, water filling factory is popular in Saudi Arabic, King Machine will devote to help more Saudi Arabic customers build their water treatment plant and beverage filling factory as we promised in our starting times.



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