How to Pay Attention to the Hygiene of the Three-in-One Filling Machine

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The three-in-one filling machine provides a high-performance, stable and reliable filling production line for the manufacturing industry; less material waste, large-scale production saves costs; programmed control according to the production process, high production efficiency; low environmental pollution in the production process, etc. . The adjustment of the applicable bottle type of each part is realized by rotating the handle, which is simple and convenient. The filling method adopts a new type of micro-pressure filling, and the filling speed is faster and more stable. Therefore, the three-in-one filling production line has higher output and greater benefits than machines of the same specification. 

three-in-one filling machine

In addition to the general requirements and personal hygiene requirements for food production, the operators of the three-in-one filling machine should also observe the following regulations.

1. 30 minutes before production, the air purification system, ultraviolet germicidal lamp and air shower room can fully exchange the air in the workshop and ensure the air purification in the filling workshop;

2. Before entering the filling workshop, you should change your work clothes in the secondary locker room, and carefully wash your hands and disinfect them;

3. When entering the filling workshop, the whole body must be cleaned through the air shower, and the workshop must be entered through the purification tank;

4. In normal production, other personnel unrelated to production are strictly prohibited from entering the purification workshop; the purification workshop should be kept clean, and other items unrelated to production shall not be brought into the workshop;

5. After the production is over, the workshop should be cleaned, the water stains on the equipment should be removed, and the purification system should be kept working for 30 minutes;

6. After closing the air system for purification, close the doors and windows and use the chlorine dioxide stock solution. 

How to operate the three-in-one filling machine correctly?

1. The ultraviolet germicidal lamp must be turned off before entering the workshop;

2. The GOT control adjusts the interface to the manual position, click the button to observe whether the cylinder is running, and whether the pipeline is leaking or leaking. If there is any abnormal situation, it should be dealt with immediately;

3. Jog operation for 3-5 minutes to observe whether the equipment is running normally. If there is no abnormality, open it for another 10 minutes;

4. Start the flushing pump, fill up the pump, put 1/4-1/3 of the sterilized caps into the cap compartment of the cap sorting machine, open the cap sorting machine, and enter a single bottle into the bottle for testing;

5. After the above steps are all normal, normal production can be performed;

6. During the production process, the operation of the equipment should be closely observed, and the production speed should be adjusted in time; the number of bottle caps in the cap chamber of the capping device should be observed, and the caps should be replenished in time;

7. After the production is over, the residual water in the equipment should be drained, the water stains on the equipment should be wiped off, and the bottle cap compartment of the capping machine should be cleaned;

8. Turn off the power supply of the workshop and replace the disinfection water in the decontamination tank.

 three-in-one filling machine

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