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Today, we will share a water plant from Accra, Ghana, Africa -- SKY WATER, which has been running for 6 years. It provides local drinking water filling and packaging plant. It is located in the town of Nsawam, about 1 and a half hours away from Accra. Accra is the capital and largest port city of Ghana. Seventy percent of Ghana's industry is concentrated around Accra. Accra is one of the most modern cities in Africa.

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Sky Water provides 350ml,500ml,750ml PET bottled Water, 350ml and fruit wine drinks and African Cola PET bottled drinks, etc.
In 2019, our customer found King Machine equipment and learned some information about King Machine.
Due to the epidemic, the customer could not visit the factory in China, so our sales manager invited the customer to have a video call, took the customer to visit the workshop and sample room, explained all the machines and popularized the case lists and delivery video pictures of some of our real customers. Later, I happened to find Sky Water's old square bottles in our meeting room and we were destined to have cooperation.

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After inquiring and understanding the equipment and after-sale services of King Machine in detail,
At the end of May 2021, King Machine cooperated with Sky Water to produce 12,000bph water filling line.
In September 2021, King Machine cooperated with 8,000bph carbonated soft drink production line.
In October 2021, King Machine delivered three 40’HQ to Sky Water to deliver the water filling line.
In December 2021, King Machine delivered six 40’HQ to Sky Water and delivered the carbonated water filling line.
In mid-January 2022, Sky Water received all the machines and our Egyptian engineers rushed to carry out the first commissioning and have a very good relationship with ghanaian engineers.

In March 2022, Sky Water water filling line began a trial operation and the carbonated water filling line is still waiting for raw materials from customers and do the following  commissioning.

This is the commissioning video from King Machine, showing how to use bottle preforms from A to Z to produce a production line.

This is Sky Water water filing line running video, you can see that the whole operation is very smooth.

In April 2022, Sky Water tried to sell the products to various suppliers. Gradually, Sky Water new products appeared in the market, and more and more Ghanaians also saw the new look of this old brand.


In addition, we have noticed that the label design of Sky Water is very positive and expressive. The sun rising from behind the clouds symbolizes vitality, positive energy and infinite hope.
The slogan reads: The Sky is the limit,be good to yourself. This sentence perfectly reflects the brand image of Sky Water. Everyone needs to drink water, and drink good water will be better for ourselves.


We are grateful that we can cooperate with Sky Water this time. Their team is very careful and serious. The boss asked a lot of technical questions during the negotiation and we also answered them one by one. Our engineers designed detailed drawings and gave them the best advice.

As the boss is a gentleman, familiar with the professional knowledge of beverage filling equipment and very smooth in communication, I am very happy to cooperate with Sky Water. King Machine has gained a high-quality customer or even a good friend in Ghana. I hope to see the smooth debugging of the carbonated water filling line this year. Early production is favored by more customers. In the future, King Machine and Sky Water will work together to provide quality service and satisfactory equipment to more customers in Ghana.



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