King Machine Has Achieved a Major Breakthrough - Successfully Launching a Juice Production Line in Senegal

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King Machine has achieved a historic breakthrough in Dakar, the capital of Senegal - a brand new juice production line has been successfully put into operation. This is another milestone in our progress in West Africa. Senegal, a country located at the westernmost point of West Africa, bordered by Mali to the east and Guinea to the south, is renowned for its beautiful coastline of over 700 kilometers and is now a witness to our new achievements.

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Successful Expansion in West Africa: Investment and Trust in New Juice Production Lines

King Machine has established over 20 beverage production lines in multiple countries in West Africa and have gained a good market reputation as a result. The owner of the juice production line Mr Mamadou Ngom learnt about King Machine from Beb Juice Company in Bamako in Mali. And he learned juice is becoming more and more popular in Africa, so he made the immediate decision and placed the order of 12,000bph juice line last July.The customer placed the order of the complete line without visiting us. This trust is of great significance to us, inspiring everyone of King Machine to strive for excellence in every product detail and production process.

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Completion and Market Outlook of Dakar Juice Production Line

We took three months to finally complete the construction and acceptance of this production line. Our technical team, including experienced debugging engineers and pipeline welding engineers, has made tremendous efforts to ensure that the equipment can operate efficiently in the shortest possible time.

Now, we are proud to announce that consumers in Dakar and its surrounding areas will soon be able to enjoy the fresh and delicious juice produced by us. This is not only an important achievement of our strategy in the African market, but also a significant sign of our global expansion and growth. We look forward to continuing to provide high-quality products and services to global customers in the future.


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