King Machine Launches New Workshop

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With the fast development of King machine, we established the new factory workshop this year. Since we are expanding sales year by year, we have a set a new factory in Zhangjiagang King machine has a long experience on expanding market to integrate and support group decisions anytime and anywhere,to increase the productivity and efficiency of the decisional process,to increase the decision's speed and quality.

king machine filling machine factory1.jpgking machine filling machine factory2.jpgking machine filling machine factory3.jpg


Our new factory was established to cater to the growing demand in the region. One important improvement is the co-location of the finished products in the same warehouse, so we do not need to ship our products to a third party logistics provider for storage any more, but we can store the products in our own facility. The warehouse has a storage capacity. we are celebrating this new plant in Zhangjiagang that marks another milestone in our commitment to shape the advancement of water filling machine.

new king machine workshop1.jpgnew king machine workshop2.jpgnew king machine factory3.jpgnew king machine factory4.jpg


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