King Machine paid a return visit to Dubai customer plant

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Liquid filling machine manufacturer-King Machine as a regular visitor to Dubai Exhibition-Dubai GUL FOOD MANUFACTURING 31t October -1th November 2017, there is a special and regular thing that gave King Machine whole stuff confidence. Take this opportunity, our Salesman and our engineer went to one of our customers’ plant for looking into the working situation of the water filling machine production line which the customer introduced form King Machine in 2015. The complete water filling machine is 24 heads and 13000B/H,  it is running in good condition yet as, customers were satisfied with our machine quality and after-sales service.

Below is the video that our salesman shoot in our customer factory, you can see they are happy about the machine running in good condition. Also for this Exhibition in Dubai, you can see the pictures from below pictures, the customers visited our booth and talked with our salesman in good atmosphere, and since the winter is comming, and most customers focus on the small winery building, especially for the European countries customers, we also offer the red wine filling machine and alcohole filling machines in whole production line, some customer still focused on our hot sale star product- water filling machine, there are many reasons you should choose our products as  we ,mentioned in last news, first of all, we can gaurantee the product quality in  well, and following the smoothly sales transaction procedures depend on our professional sales team, customers will give us good comment.



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