Order Shipment-Beer Filling Line Delivered to Central African Republic

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Summer is so hot, while orders are not reduced. Recently, our company has received many new orders one after another. Our factory works overtime every day to produce and arrange delivery.  Today 6000bph 1.5L beer filling line is ready to be delivered to the Central African Republic. Workers are in full swing arranging shipments.

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King Machine beer filling machine

This machine is my company's introduction of German technology, combined with the characteristics of the beer production industry, designed to develop beer filling equipment. The machine has excellent mechanical operation reliability, improved rinsing, filling, cover screwing, disinfection sterilization and other functions.

In general, the characteristics of the beverage filling machine:

  1. Easy to use.
    2. High efficiency.
    3. Clean and energy efficient.
    4. Side-opening protective baffle with good visibility for safe operation.
    5. Using the shaker-type cup adjustment device, the filling capacity can be adjusted at any time during the operation of the machine to reduce material loss and improve work efficiency;
    6. Simplify the transmission system, greatly reduce the failure rate and reduce the maintenance cost of the enterprise.
    7. Increase production and reduce costs. It can improve production technology, improve product output and quality, and effectively save costs and maximize profits.
    8. Realize the software of control and improve the function.
    9. Through the functions of torque compensation, anti-stall and restart, the non-tripping operation is realized; the quality of the products produced is stable and the efficiency is improved.

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About King Machine

Our company, King Machine has rich experience over the course of many years, making us the leading expert in the PET plastic packaging industry. Our seasoned, qualified experts have a diverse range of professional skills. We aim to bring you the best quality services and professionalism. 
We currently provide more than 1000 water filling lines for more than 90 countries and we are continuously expanding. Our company is dedicated to constant research in this fastest, growing market to ensure that both, we and our customers stay ahead in this industry.
King Machine as one of the leading, beverage-packing machine manufacturers has provided quality equipment and amazing service to many of our customers worldwide such as England Glen Affric Brewery, Coca-Cola, India, Kenyan Aquamist, Tanzania Sayona Jambo, Uganda Blue Wave, Venezuela Canaima, etc. We strive to ensure the utmost quality in everything we do. If you need beer filling line, please do not hesitate to contact us


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