Structural and Functional Components of a Barrel Packing Production Line

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Perhaps you want to start a 3-5 gallon bottled water business but are unsure of the kind of equipment you need to begin going. Well, what you need is a barrel packing production line for you to get to launch this lucrative business.

In this article, I will be taking you through the barrel packing production line with a major focus on the structural and functional components of the facility.

What is a Barrel Packing Production Line?

A barrel packing production line is a manufacturing facility with three integrated units—a motor, an electric unit, and an air unit specifically utilized for the production and packing of mineral water, purified water, and distilled water into three to five-gallon barrels.

The barrel packing production line's equipment is highly automated, stable, and reliable, with a small footprint and great work efficiency.

It is a completely automatic barreled piece of equipment that also has mechanical and electrical components. Washing, filling, and capping functions are all performed by the same machine.

Components of a Barrel Packing Production Line

Here are the structural machines responsible for the functions of the highly automated barrel packing production line.

The De-Capping Machine

This is a cap de-capping machine specifically designed for recycled 5-gallon water bottles; it won't harm the bottle cap and may be recycled numerous times.

Any 5-gallon barrel that is fed into the machine's capping compartment will automatically have its old caps and lid removed.

The Brushing Machine

The machine is the pre-washing equipment of the barreled packing production line made up of a frame, a transmission mechanism, a brush, a water pump, and other components

The automatic high-pressure brushing machine is made to completely rinse and brush both the inside and outside of the 5gallon barrels with two external brush stations that rotate to remove the dirt from the outside of the barrel once the old caps have been removed.

barrel packing production line

The Washing Filling Capping 3-in-1 Machine

It is a fully automatic system for creating barrels of water that combine mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic elements.  This machine is composed of a rinse, a filler, and a capper. These parts carry out three tasks simultaneously, including the last rinse of the 5-gallon barrel to be filled, the water filling of the container, and the quick capping of the gallon.

The Light Checker

This is used for the inspection of particulate matter and suspended matter in the barrel.

The Labelling Machine

The labeling machine exclusively labels the 5-gallon cap and barrel region to give a complete impression and image of the brand.

The Palletizing Machine

The barrel packing production line also has automatic palletizing equipment that makes it easy to transport and organize all 5 gallons of water produced to the store or completed product department.

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