Our Juice Production Line Delivered To Angola Was On A Local TV Station

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Consistency in quality, dedication to service and commitment to promise in the business circle is some of the key traits that makes every establishment to stand out among its contemporaries.


Why these qualities are very important in business is because clients are always on the lookout for business partners who will be true to the promise of a satisfactory business deal which they promised right from the first contact.


While all of the qualities continues to remain the backbone of any business that hopes to survive the competitive market, we at Zhangjiagang King Machine Co., Ltd., have chosen to be among the few manufacturers of high quality juice production line that customers to trust at any time.


For this reason, we have continued to ensure that only the best raw materials are what we use in the production of our machines. Besides the use of first class materials for the production of our equipment, we are also innovation and research-oriented.


All of these traits have continued to keep us at the top spot at a one stop manufacturer of high-quality juice production line and other filling machines. Having been able to maintain this reputable of high esteem for the past 15 years in business, our clients, both locally and internationally have continued to trust us for all their machines and accessories supply.


With regards to our dedication to quality delivery which has never been compromised for anything else, we were opportune to have another outstanding business deal with one of our foreign client from Angola.


Over the years, our client from Angola has remained faithful to our products and services with a consistent patronage which they are always satisfied with. Recently, our client from Angola contacted us for another first-class juice production line, which they intend to add to their fleet of equipment.

 juice production line

After the completion of the design and negotiation for the production of the said production line, we went straight into work. Thankfully, our team of professional engineers were all around in their numbers to work as a team to make the order another outstanding delivery from us.


Within a short time, we had completed the manufacture of the a fully automatic juice production line for our client in Angola, and the machine was shipped to them immediately.


Upon arrival of the machine at Angola, our team of engineers also helped in the installation of the production line for our client. During the grand opening and running of the equipment by our client in Angola, the whole production process of the machine was televised on a local television in Angola.


This, we can tell is a show of satisfaction by our client, and we are glad to always be dependable source of the finest equipment for them at any time the need arises.


We have a global reputation as a first class manufacturer of high quality filling machines such as the juice production line.


In case you are sceptic of a trusted manufacturer to work with, we are a dependable supplier you can trust for all your filling machine needs.


Kindly contact us for a free quote, consultation, and to buy any of high-quality machines at a price that won’t break the bank.


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